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Chertsey Sword

    This sword is based off of an original found in Chertsey, England. Both the original and my copy are big swords.  The blade on mine is 820mm(32.25"), with an over all length of 980mm (38.5"), which is just shy of the 984mm the museum lists as it's length.  Both swords are 62mm (2.5") wide at the base.

     The bronze fittings on this sword are hollow.  The walls are about 1/8"+ thick.  This gives plenty of depth for inlay and plenty of strength to protect the hand, but lightens the piece significantly. Swords need to be as light as possible while still being strong enough to survive their intended use.  This sword weighs 3lbs 6oz, which is right in line with original swords of this size. 

     The blade is 80CRV2 hardened to 58 rockwell.  That may seem excessively hard, but the sword is quite flexible and tough as witnessed by  the last photograph.  I have bent this sword past 90 degrees repeatedly without it taking a set.

     I've given the pommel a 5 degree twist to the left.  Doing this is a matter of controversy - It's found quite a bit on original swords, to the point that some people think it has to be intentional.  It does help bring the blade into line better when the base of the hand is up against the lower guard/pommel.  I twisted the pommel here because I want to see how it affects cutting (this sword is in my personal collection.

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