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Fantasy Spatha

This sword is what I'd call a 'historical fantasy' piece.  It is very much in the style of northern european Migration Era swords, but there is no find that directly corresponds to it and some details are not terribly authentic.  The blade was made by Jamie Lundel.  Jamie is an amazing mosaic pattern welder and he was working on recreating the 'palmette' patterns found in some migration era blades.  I created the handle, which is a mix of migration era style fittings with some details from later in the viking age, and some others that I simply created.  The main parts of the fittings are bronze and horn.  There is a silver ring in the center of the handle, and the pommel has some silver inlay.  The eyes of the dragons are rubies.  

We both really enjoyed making this piece.  It's something that neither of us could have made alone.

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