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Celtic Stormcloud

This sword is based on an iron age Celtic sword, the Asby Scar sword, with designs pulled in from various periods of Celtic history, bronze age thru late medieval.  The sword is an 'original' design by me, at least in the sense of all historically oriented modern pieces.  All such designs are sitting on the shoulders of long dead craftsman, emulating and extending their styles and designs.  The blade is 24" long, and is a layer of 15N20 sandwiched by some gnarly old wrought iron.  The Ogham inlay is 18kt gold.  The pommel and guard are two hollow bronze castings inlaid with fine silver panels, moonstones, and garnets.  The handle is bronze and silver pieces, and stabilized cherry burl.  The scabbard is wooden cored, lined with felt and covered with top grain tooling leather.  The fittings are bronze.

I thought Celtic Stormcloud was a fitting name as the wrought iron looks very much like a stormcloud with golden ogham lightning.  It also has a silver lining.

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