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Trondheim Berserker

    This sword is based off of an original found in Trondheim, Norway.  Since the pommel features bears on it, the name (or really a description) came naturally.  The size and shape of the fittings are as close to the original as I can get based off of photos and measurements from the museum.  Mine differs in that I used cast bronze fittings inlaid with silver, whereas the original is silver either inlaid or overlaid on iron using a slightly different technique.  As a result my lines aren't quite as thin as the original, and I used less dots.

The hilt is actually hollow on this sword.  The walls are about 1/8"+ thick.  This gives plenty of depth for inlay and plenty of strength to protect the hand, but lightens the piece by about 100g.  That may not seem like a lot, but swords are like sports cars - any little bit of weight you can save without sacrificing performance is worth it. 

The handle is pure speculation.  It's carved caribou antler with a design derived from the one on  the fittings.  There are examples of original handles made from antler, so the material and general shape are close  to originals.

The blade is 77.3cm / 30.43" long.  The core is made from high carbon cable surrounded by 24 layers of 1075 and 15N20.  The core is then worked into the serpent pattern. The whole sword weighs 1264g / 2.78lbs.

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