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Sword of Kells

     This sword was   side project over 3 years.  It's what I would call a 'historical extrapolation' piece.  It has lots of historical elements incorporated into it, but they aren't necessarily contemporaneous and they are stuck together with some modern conceptual/aesthetic glue.  I was mainly inspired by anglo-saxon sword from the first millenium AD, and a broach found on the Irish seashore in the 1800s.  The blade is 1075, 15N20, and high carbon cable.  The edge bar is 500+ layers oriented in line with the edge.  The core is a cable in a serpent pattern surrounded by 20-something layers oriented perpendicular to the edge.

     The fittings are cast from tin bronze and are hollow with walls that average about 1/8" thick.  The inlays are fine silver.  The pommel is actually filled with lead to provide better balance.  Despite all that lead the total weight is 2lbs 10oz.  The handle is stabilized heat darkened cherry burl with cow bone inlays.  The blade is 29" long and the sword is 35.5" in overall length.

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