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Gjermindbu Sword

    This sword is based off of an original found on the Gjermundbu farm in Ringerike, Norway. Both the original and my copy are big swords.  It’s 1005mm/39.5” overall with an 820mm/32.25” blade, and weighs 1786g/3lbs 11oz. Yeah, it’s a big sword. The blade is 2.5” wide at the base. The blade is 80crv2. Despite it’s size it handles really well. 

     The fittings on this sword are wrought iron inlaid with silver and bronze. The wires are laid into dovetailed channels cut with a graver and then hammered in to affix them.The pommel is partially hollow.  The handle is a carve wooden core overlaid with leather.

     The blade is 80CRV2 hardened to 58 rockwell.  That may seem excessively hard, but the sword is quite flexible and tough .  I have bent this sword past 90 degrees repeatedly without it taking a set.

     I've given the pommel a 5 degree twist to the right at  the request of the left-handed owner.  The theory behind this is that it helps bring the blade into line with the swing of the arm when the base of the hand is up against the lower guard/pommel.  

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