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Inspiration 4

    This sword is was commissioned by the crew of the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission as a gift for the captain, Jared Isaacman. It's a collaboration between myself and Jamie Lundell.  Jamie made the blade and I made the handle.  We had only 13 days to make the sword, so having two of us working on it was an absolute necessity.  The blade is mosaic damascus made from 1080 and 15N20, with an 18kt gold inlay. The handle is made of bronze, sterling silver, and stabilized cherry burl. The box is cherry made by my brother Pete. It’s 32” overall with a 24” blade and weighs 2lbs 11oz. 

It's a departure from my historical work, but how does one say "No" to SpaceX?  It was a rewarding challenge and we're honored that the crew chose us to make the sword.

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