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14th Century Bastard

This is a bastard sword based on ones used in the late 1300s / early 1400s.  I made the blade in class with Peter Johnsson, and the sheath in another class with Peter.

The blade is 33" (835mm) long, and the overall length is 41 5/8" (1055mm).  The sword weighs 3lbs 2.1oz (1422 grams).  It is made from 80CRV2 carbon steel, hardened and tempered to 57-58 Rockwell.  

The hilt is made from wrought iron with a single bronze wire inlaid around either end.  

The handle is a hardwood core wrapped in twine and hide glue, and  then wrapped again with leather and hide glue which is stitched in place.  The leather is decorated with vegetation themed embossing.

The pommel is made via the lost wax casting process.  It is one hollow piece (1/8"+ walls) to allow for its large size and yet achieve optimal weight for proper handling.  It it inscribed with a quote from the roman writer Pubilius Syrus: "Homo vitae commodatus non donatus est" which translates to "Man has been lent to life, not given."

The sheath is a wooden core lined with 100% merino wool felt, wrapped in top quality tooling leather.  The sheath is embossed with a dragon, a geometric design, and more vegetation in the same theme as the handle.  The chape is cast bronze.  The strapping is 1/2" wide and the buckles are of my own design cast in bronze.

This sword appeared in the September 2020 issue of Blade Magazine.

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