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     Fingrbitr is a collaboration between myself and my friend smith Emiliano Carrillo (  It is made of three twisted bars of 1084 and 15n20 with an edge wrap of 800 layers of the same materials. The blade is 30 3/4 inches (781mm)long and has a fuller running almost its entire length on both sides. 

     The guards and pommel are based off a type Z found in Dalarna, Sweden.  The designs carved on them are my own in the Urnes style of Viking art.  They are hand cast in bronze (90% copper, 10% tin).  The handle is a wood core wrapped in bronze and sterling silver wire.

    The sheath is a thin wooden core covered with linen and then wrapped with top grade leather.  The bridge is tiger-stripe maple, and the chape is cast in bronze.  

The sword weighs 2lbs 13oz / 1273g.  It's 37" /939mm overall.  The point of balance is 6"/152mm from the hilt.  The pivot point about 20"/508mm from the hilt (hard to figure it out exactly by yourself).  The center of percussion is 21"/533mm from the hilt.  Having these two points in almost the same spot and that spot being approximately 2/3rds of the way up the blade means that the sword will handle well and cut decisively at the sweet spot.

     Fingrbitr got its name because of all the times Emiliano and I cut ourselves while making it.  Emiliano brought the edges down to sharp while finishing the blade (so there is no sharpening bevel) and it ended up with that aggressive cut-you-just-for-touching-me kind of sharp.

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