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Type XVIIIB Longsword

   This longsword was an unintended experiment.  I wanted to make one that came in around 3.5lbs with a bit more width toward the tip.  I planned the blank very carefully, but when i finished forging it was a bit wider than I had thought it would be.  It was then I realized I was using 5/16ths stock, not 1/4.  Instead of grinding I decided to go with the larger profile and see what it lead to.

   The result is this 4lb longsword.  It handles exactly the same as my 3lb longsword, but has quite a bit more "authority" in it's movements.  It doesn't strain the arms or anything like that, but you can feel that it will push lighter blades out of the way and cut hard.

  The fittings are wrought iron, the handle is leather wrapped on a wooden core, and the blade is 37 3/4" of 1075 steel tempered to approximately 57Rc.

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