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Vine Bowie

Silfrljós is an exploration of various different Viking Age weapon making traditions. In my studies I have come across many disparate elements that I am drawn to. With this piece I wove these dissimilar threads together to create something cohesive.

The blade was forged as a demo piece for the 2018 NESM ABS Hammer-In. It is a 7 bar composite blade made from iron, four twisted bars of layered steel, more iron, and an edge consisting of 450 layers of steel. The handle is made from moose antler, bog oak, silver wire, silver plate and wrought iron, with two rubies set in silver bezels. The sheath is made from vegetable tanned cow leather with tooled designs and runes inscribed in it. The decorative plates are made of silver with cast rivets and rings made by my good friend and frequent collaborator Matt Berry of Hopkins Forge.       

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